Coming from a mix of pop-punk, grunge, alternative rock and metal influences, Echo 2 Locate formed to create a unique sound and image. Based out of Maryland, Echo 2 Locate was originally formed by Rhiannon and Mike. They built a family and a following through music. Will was later added to the band. As the three musicians continue to grow as a family, they always keep in mind the two things that matter the most. The fans and the music. Brian Wynn is the most recent addition to the band as he is to bring another outside ear and set of skills and influences to the table. The group strives to make every show a true concert filled with a mass amount of energy throughout their performances. They always say the best moments of their lives are spent on stage.

“The purpose and goal for this band to bring those who feel alone, a place where they can feel at home.” - Echo 2 Locate

  [Vocals,Guitar: Rhiannon, Bass: Will, Drums: Mike, Guitar: Brian]